Normann offers deep FX accumulators.

These are agreements that payout if you win a certain amount of trades. Otherwise, you forfeit your initial stake. At most basic, a win is when a trade hits its take profit before its stop loss.

Normann uses advanced behavioural science to manage risk.

We can give payouts at even the largest amounts because we hedge our payout risk intelligently.

Normann wins when you win.

Unlike normal dealers or bookmakers, whose business model depends on most people losing, we want every user to win max payouts.

Not just retail.

Trade using Normann's platform or our RESTful API. Start as many accumulators as you wish. Normann allows sequences of 10 to 250 trades, accomodating both novice and professional grade skill and size.

Normann's deep accumulators are all FX. More products are coming.

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